They sell us the suburbs as a haven of peace, a place to settle and realize our dreams.

We buy a house, in a bidding war, we live there for a while. The debts pile up, the grass is greener on the other side, our relationship vacillates, a toxic dynamic creeps in, a neighbor is eyeing us, the pipes freeze, the basement floods and in the end, our family crumbles.

Why buy a real house when you can own a facade? House Fronts is a virtual real estate project in four phases of development that offers all the benefits of a home ... Without the hassle.

  • Guarantee of becoming overpriced
  • Zero maintenance
  • You can brag about it to your friends
  • Nothing is hidden from you: the neighborhood is chaotic and extremely scary.

The four phases

  • 1/4: Affordable Home facades for poor people
  • 2/4: Extremely ugly condominium facades
  • 3/4: Monstrosity luxury houses facades
  • 4/4: Shopping center, office towers and shops storefronts.

House fronts ... An extremely dubious business opportunity.

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